Metcalfe Fencing & Land Services supplies and installs fencing and gates, for the safe and secure enclosure of industrial and commercial properties.

All security fencing is fitted with anti tamper nuts and bolts and is supplied as standard with a galvanised finish, or a custom powder coated colour at extra cost.

  • Steel Palisade Fencing
  • Bow Top Fencing
  • Mesh Fencing
  • Vertical Bar Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • We also install razor wire / barbed wire for improved security


  • Paladin fencing
  • Prison mesh fencing
  • 656 mesh fencing
  • 868 mesh fencing

Metcalfe Fencing & Land Services offer a substantial range of complete panel system fencing for general boundary
and demarcation purposes, as well as multi-sports facilities, commercial premises and
industrial areas, through to maximum security applications for prisons and military installations.

We are specialists in access control, and in addition to perimeter fencing, we offer a wide range of manually operated and automated gates, traffic control barriers and security bollards.

We also provide a comprehensive range of welded and self adjusting railings and system fence products.

Our product range consists of leading European products which are designed to meet the requirements of the UK marketplace.