The Metcalfe Fencing team were proud to have won their part on this exciting project following Wates Groups’ £14.8m appointment funded by the DEP & Government’s Priority School Building Programme 2 (PSBP2). We may be a family firm with Yorkshire roots (near Harrogate & Leeds), but our reach stretches nationwide.

Metcalfe Fencing has a legacy reaching 35 years in the fencing world which is why our expert consultation is key to success. Using service plans, safe excavation techniques, cable avoidance tools & communicating through all the right channels, we detected utilities with ease & placed the bespoke on-ground ballast system strategically along these zones.

Wates Construction opted for the steel hoarding system over the timber hoarding due to its ability to be easily dismantled and reinstated elsewhere very easily, only requiring manpower and a forklift.

The steel hoarding gates can also be built on the ground, avoiding any holes having to be broken out in tarmac or concrete, thus removing the cost of reinstating at the end of the works.

The on-ground (2.4m) steel hoarding was designed specifically for Wates Construction. It’s a twin tray ballast system capable of holding a varying degree of ballast to increase/vary the structural support on the temporary hoarding line where required.  A factor that allows to fulfil specifications and improve wind resistance according to temporary works calculation’s engineered for this geolocation.

All panels, posts, skirts & infills were powder coated to BS EN 13438:2005 (min 100 micron); matching the Wates Group brand colours to a perfectly.

The (2100mm, 0.75mm gauge) galvanised steel infills offer more privacy between panels, with anti-tamper fasten mechanisms that help to make stepping the fence line on the fast sloping ground much easier and neater.

The final result of this hoarding installation is pristine, to plan – a professional finish and ultimately: SAFE.

We invest in our team to deliver the highest possible standard. If you’re interested to hear more about our team’s credentials feel free to get in touch!