Traditional close board fencing is constructed and built on site using vertical feather edge boards fixed to arris rails. This type of fencing does offer more flexibility than panels, if you need to avoid established trees or plants. It can also be easily constructed on slopes without the need for ‘stepping’.
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There are many types of panels in the market – we can install any type for you if you have seen the one you like. The two most common types of panels that we install are overlap and close board; however, modern and stylish contemporary panels are also becoming increasingly popular. Please look at our gallery for some examples of the various types of panel fencing available. All panels can be installed with either timber or slotted concrete posts.

Railing and bannister


Discover our wide selection of specialist metal fencing. From high security options to wonderfully designed metal railings, our expert team have a fencing solution for you. All of our metal fencing is easy to maintain and ensures a low lifetime cost.

Garden fencing


Explore our wide range of fencing and fence panels and have them installed a member of our expert team. Our garden fencing is not only designed to look great, but it’s also built to last. Transform your garden today with a Metcalfe garden fence.

Quality Residential Fencing

Our range of residential fencing and gates are of the highest quality and will be expertly installed by a member of our qualified team. Our close board fence panels are simple to erect but provide an outstanding level of security and privacy whilst withstanding the brisk British weather. If you are perhaps looking for something even more durable, then you should consider our range of metal railings and gates. They are not only strong and durable but they offer little to no maintenance in order to keep them looking their best.